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Un Testamente Universel


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18 Books of The 'Aamra

1. Augur

2. Tempests

3. Treatise

4. Amalgamation

5. Orison

6. Tiara

7. Lumina

8. Esteem

9. Spout

10. Illuminations

11. Transfiguration

12. Verve


14. Testimony

15. Crosswell

16. Rain

17. 'Applause

18. Infinity'


Augur 1

1 Glory be unto the UTMOST of all and the Most Righteous for He is worthy. 2 To Him do I commend mine path, mine toiling and mine rest: blessed forevermore be His righteous name, 3 which bestows glory and wholeness unto them all who receive Him and work His will in the multiverse. 4 By His name, I rejoice, exalt in the spirit of life and light, hearing the holy melody that gladdens mine soul. 5 I rejoice in His faithful word which He watches unto fruition always, for as He had spoken in my tender days saying; 6 “I will alter the affairs of men: and it shall come to pass in thine day and in thine generation that, a descendant of a once exploited people in that land and son to a migrant, 7 shall reign over a harmony of states upon the land of the Mississippi and during his time, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela the virtuous and first egalitarian premier of South Africa shall die.” 8 It came to pass indeed that Barrack Hussein Obama, son of a migrant student from Kenya in Africa, the land of once a captive and oppressed people, 9 became premier over America in the year 2008 and Mandela died in the year 2015; the year when the UTMOST bid me into glory again, beginning on a Monday, 10 and eight days passed till another Monday, the eighth day, after I came into His glory. 11 The glory of aaura is vividly before mine eyes and behold, I am seeing multitudes and multitudes, entering into the sacred dominion of the UTMOST 12 and them that are entering therein, beginning from the day I entered this glory, are worshiping in acts of righteousness and fellowshipping harmoniously 13 in the presence of His holiness; praising Him with the melody of violins in between meditations and prayers. Eight times a day are they meditating and praying in confessions: 14 four times through meditations and four times through prayers but their acts of righteousness never cease, and the hours between the times of prayer are three hours according as time relates to the earth's day and night watch 15 but not so unto the holiest dominion, for there is no night in it but daylight only: and behold, I too, meditated and prayed every time they meditate and pray upon the sacred word living in them, 16 and every time I pray and muse upon His sacred book's ordinances and instructions, His glory is constant on me, seeing everything clearly: 17 but when I feel heavy by cause of my unwilling body which pulls me its own way, the way of the world, the glory fades 18 and so I am constantly rebuking the body with all its cunningness and carnality; and am keeping the praying times 19 according as them that are entering therein keep them; musing from His sacred book in between prayer hours, 20 and I will pray till the day of His benediction comes by upon and unto all; and I will pray that His glory may remain on me. 21 But lo! When I looked upon the earth, I see a generation of vipers passing away from the nations like grass scorched by fire. 22 In Zimbabwe, a good harvest follows good rains in the year of renewal, 2017, and after a while, the iron fist relapses; for many are the grievances written against its name including oppression, 23 murder and corruption; and to the triumph of justice, perfect peace, love, harmony and healing, a liberal palm receives the crown and bestows it upon a righteous premier who precedes him 24 who comes upon the throne by the will of the people: but the fist relapses having caused a great sorrow and bereavement, for the hearts of its architects 25 are hard and crass with vile and their hands dripping with inequity so much that they are reluctant to let go of their grip on power to the extent that 26 they try to do anything they can to undermine the will of the people; but by cause of the prayers of the righteous everywhere, all is well in the end. 27 And afterwards, the beloved nation will rise again to meet its destiny upon the blood of its soil, 28 which every generation thereof must cherish dearly, and it shall yield great harvests of gold and other precious rocks 29 which must be kept for the time of resuscitation; and the fields shall bring forth abundance to feed nations. 30 In America, I see a people crying and their grievance is born of prejudice: the voice of the crying engulfs some cities, 31 the number which keep rising, including in the major city a few months leading to the elections from which an endorsement is placed upon a woman by president Obama to take office. 32 But though the woman, who is betrothed to a former premier, gets endorsement for the crown even by people’s will and bring hope of healing to many and between America and other nations, 33 her path, before and after she receives the crown, is full of trials, even within the blue coat that she is wearing; and a great shock shall happen, caused by cunning men to sway the will of the masses in favour of the undeserving 34 by whose cause the state premiership will fall away from her: and she will be wise to avoid any rhetoric war about the shock lest an unprecedented evil happens, 35 and also that she may set her eyes on the next race where the window of opportunity will be wide open given the failures of her rival. 36 And I see the tears of Palestine profusing increasingly by cause of Israel’s wickedness for the heart of its premier, being corrupt and having the backing of misguided leaders, have grown inane with evil and the great crowns are standing by as lives are wasted by Israel. 37 In Chad and in Sudan, I see fresh blood gashing out and there is wailing everywhere but no one is there to help. 38 In Britain, I see the crown upon David the premier thereof, being placed upon the head of a woman by the queen of the nation: 39 and there is a mourning voice in the streets of London for the privileged have led the nation out of a harmony of crowns whose blue flag have stars. 40 In a distant time, there is a great freezing rising upon this nation and a few others in the East; wherefore much land will be covered in ice for a little while, 41 causing some of her people to travel to much warmer places for health reasons; and they will sojourn there beyond thirty years till warmth returns again. 42 A manipulative and greatly deceptive scheme unravels in Ankara and many shall collude with the wicked. This will be the beginning of restlessness 43 and afterwards, a heavy rod shall be drawn by the leader thereof and his government, against his political enemies to a great applause so much that even a street sweeper will be victim 44 but in the process, justice and truth shall be trumped upon to the dismay of many crowns and the people of the nation a long time after, 45 as scores of thousands shall be forced into and languish in dungeons without justice leveled unto them.

Augur 2

1 A storm is coming upon the world of men, rising from the east and from the west: upon the waters, upon the land and upon the skies. Deadly swords than any other are drawn between the premier of Pyongyang and that of Washington. 2 A catastrophe is brood by spirits of wicked intents in all their missions, which abide among men as humans, weaving terror by day and by night. 3 In this matter, I pray for restrain among the great nations for I see the world divided into camps commandeered by evil spirits; and many more are being unleashed from hell and are putting on men, including the leaders of nations 4 and gatherings and organizations, including the supreme organisation of the world whose life is bleak due to its prejudiced hegemonic leadership and its inability to promulgate justice evenly across the earth. 5 For unless these two evils are dealt away with, I see many nations retracting their names from it and another world body taking its place. 6 Now, many lives will be lost by the wicked acts of these demons in men’s pelts: and the great crowns whose leaders are put on by these wicked spirits, 7 are misleading the peoples and the nations into thinking that, their desire is peace and justice when they build and purchase weapons, 8 and when they go unto wars and make alliances as over Syria, for many new alliances will be formed and old ones revived, even between seemingly unlikely nations. 9 They are waiving their flags as guardians of righteousness and truth and many are deceived to believe so. 10 Only them that stand in the UTMOST know and will know that their actions are a veil of their gross lies, 11 for only justice and truth will bring lasting peace and harmony to the world; yeah, their acts are a disguise to hide their crimson hands, 12 dripping with the blood of the innocent which they are pouring out of greed, pride and the desire to dominate and plunder the inheritance of others: 13 and to torment them all that are of holy virtue with a great war and tempest. 14 These are the spirits which caused havoc from the beginning; and have done so in past generations where plenty lives perished in great catastrophes; 15 and their crown have set its eyes on the leaders of the nations of this generation and their supporters once again; 16 to make their hearts hard and coarse with evil against their own citizens and neighbors and to destroy the rising wall of peace and harmony; 17 and many of these leaders are and will seek to make a name for themselves 18 and their cronies through alliances, and this is the birth of great wars and untold suffering. 19 For to provoke the war, the spirits are flying back and forth and without ceasing between nations and leaders, grooming mistrust, 20 greed, hate and disrespect, especially among the war mongers, who in their hearts have chosen 21 to manipulate anything they can into crystallizing war for the desire to dominate the world and to pillage. 22 The same spirits are and will unleash diseases, disasters and all manner of wickedness that may tear the soul of men apart. 23 They are fighting fiercely for a means to prey the just, the meek, the peaceful, the righteous, the kind and merciful and all the righteous and harmonious. 24 And it is concerning this matter, when the clock still permits that I write to exhort you not to falter, 25 on the promise of righteousness by cause of these tremors of hell that are coming thine way. 26 Wicked alliances will indeed mushroom and cause untold suffering to which you will be witnesses; 27 and many shall be forced into such alliances while others will join for mere self-preservation: 28 but it is a foolish people who will put their trust in the hands of men for men is not trustworthy. 29 The wise will place their lives in the UTMOST of all by standing for righteousness and truth and by strengthening the hands of peace and harmony. 30 And on the day such spirits shall come before thee, and the threshold of thine nation, 31 to deceive you by causing you to support prejudice, aggression and anything that leads unto violence and bloodshed, 32 rebuke them by prayer and fasting and in the spirit of righteousness in whom all protection is sealed 33 and in whom all battles are won by the UTMOST’s Supreme Spirit before they commence; the Mighty Spirit which declares; 34 “Lay not thine filthy shadow before mine beloved and mine most precious! Touch not the righteous one less I dash you with mine scepter!” 35 With this much assurance in the UTMOST, let me commend you to this height and magnitude of grace in the UTMOST 36 through Aarlra you who are of faith and piety, the one who declares to the glory of Him who is All in All, 37 “when a spirit from the wicked realm comes upon you or enters into you, fear thou not indeed on that day 38 but rejoice in the UTMOST saying, my time to be exalted and crowned in life is come. 39 For to the glory of Him who is and shall forever be, will I devour every spirit that shall come upon you or enter into you with the light of truth and with the life of righteousness: 40 and by cause of the UTMOST's glory upon you, every wicked spirit shall leave with the torch of righteousness 41 and the flame of life; and it shall manifest it from whence it come. 42 Though it abides for a generation, yet it will depart, and the longer it abides, the greater the trump it shall sound for you in victory, 43 and the greater the tremor it shall cause in hell to the glory of the UTMOST. 44 Yes, a demon it shall come, but an angel of righteousness shall it leave; for nothing rubs on the glory of the UTMOST and change not into wonder. 45 In this manner shall complete salvation come to all worlds; for even in underworlds and everywhere else where wickedness is hatched 46 and where life abides, there is unrelenting cry for redemption in righteousness and truth; the glory of everlasting life and light. 47 In the wake of these times, you will hear of names of Gods, some of which you already have knowledge of. 48 You will hear of the names of these Gods being called to the catastrophic times, as people are used to calling them in daily lip service, 49 and many more others too; but in that day, when you will hear of them, be ye confounded not, 50 but rejoice, for all these, are houses and places resided in the sanctuary of the UTMOST of all; and for each house and place, 51 there are presiding masters and judges; messengers, pastors, bishops, teachers 52 and many others, who oversee the works of piety to the glory of the UTMOST. 53 But be deceived not by the appearance of every house or place you see, hear and shall hear; and every master, messenger, teacher and judge you shall meet for some, 54 by cause of their collusion with wickedness and evil, are dens of preying beasts awaiting destruction on the day of days; 55 for unto these houses and places and in the name of their Gods, will blood be spilled yet sacrifices of blood are corrupt 56 and cannot save regardless of how men may sugarcoat and praise them with every lie they can imagine for selfish ends. 57 All blood sacrifices no matter how revered or loved, draw from and feed the throne of evil. 58 Therefore, instead of seeking a house or place to enter and a God to reverence, seek and abide ye 59 in the inner realm of righteousness, which is the UTMOST's holy presence and the shrine of His oneness and grandeur; 60 the united assembly of His supraarls, the new seed of paramount divine angels, serving justice, truth, peace, love and harmony in all life.”

Augur 3

1 And I see also Ambreciaarl trumping to the nations, declaring, “let me have the ears of the shrewd one and the willing at heart to instruct: 2 let these, mine words in the UTMOST of all, condense unto gentle downpours upon their grooves. 3 This is the burden of the world; this is mine burden; and this is thine burden too. 4 Enduring peace on its own, can never be achieved unless justice makes its head. 5 The kiss of the deadly trigger and the smoke of the muzzle are the beginning of the burdens of men: 6 the birth of terror, war and all the sadism that culminates in the ravaging of innocent blood, 7 but all these are outward symptoms of the deep wounds and unrelenting grief of the tormented soul which staggers under the burden of injustice. 8 Lives created with utmost love and value by the UTMOST, are taken for granted by cunning Gods and their servants in the earth; 9 the architects of cruelty, apartheid, violence, war, plundering and subjugation. 10 Though they are innocent, men and women are chained and maimed by them with power: children are raped and forced into crucifying labours and sorrows. 11 But, if men be willing, what can stop men for men is god with fullness of wisdom and discernment of truth and righteousness. 12 The mighty scepter of all piety is in men and is with men; and men can win the battle of peace and everlasting harmony in the earth: 13 Infact, men will win this battle but only if, as a matter of utmost importance, men start with overcoming apartheid. 14 The stroke never cease to strike: line upon line it moves on, 15 charting the uncharted course and wiping the tears of the bereaved voice. 16 It then remains to the shrewd one of righteousness, to take up the intricately made scepter 17 and strike the head of the ogre and raze the breath of the cunning serpent. 18 I, will grace them of courage against wickedness, to unite forces and stand 19 for the rights and freedoms of others wherever they are tramped upon or are tempered with. 20 No single life must be denied the right to food, the right to shelter, the right to clothing, the right to clean water, 21 the right to knowledge, and the right to each and every other basic need: and no one who abide 22 by righteousness or claim to do so, must stand by and watch while the liberty to live, 23 sojourn and express self justly for anyone is being destroyed by anyone, including those in power. 24 Fold hands you may if you chose to do so but there is a day awaiting, when justice will hold you accountable. 25 Today it may not be you crying but you have not knowledge of what tomorrow has in for you; 26 how much the exactor will require of you for the devil is enemy of all men even those who worship him and all righteousness. 27 Brave thine heart today; stretch your arm to the plight of others for tomorrow, 28 thine arm will return with a beacon of roses unto the grief of thine own grave. 29 As for me, I will let the feather linger upon the scroll as long as there is need for redress. 30 Even if I want not to, I have but no choice, for the scepter of truth and righteousness compels me to: 31 therefore I have chosen to cross every line which manifests injustice and any other manner of wickedness among men. 31 For me, such is the will of the UTMOST, a worthy cause which exult His heart and proves my courage and faithfulness unto Him. 32 The multiverse is a Coteriἁ of the UTMOST; a shrine of His glory; therefore, 33 let not man conceive wickedness in it or fill any of its divides, including the earth, 34 with evil deeds, for such is a provocation of judgment from Him who envisioned its existence in perfect holiness. 35 Who with a falcon's eye watches every thought and deed with utmost consideration: 36 whether it’s worthy prospering or not and whether to spare its weaver or to punish or to destroy.”

Augur 4

1 Being filled with the spirit of righteousness when I heard these things, I said unto myself, conjure me o my soul, unto the threshing of evil 2 that I might thresh the hypocrites and all their deeds. 3 What love is true which blossom not on truth and justice? 4 If I hurt you in any way as in beating, torture, scold, maim, kill, plunder 5 or abuse you in any way and then confess love for you, such is not love but deception. 6 But if by any means I do harm unto you and as a matter of mistake 7 and sincerely apologize afterwards, and being forgiven, confess my love; 8 such love is honourable and acceptable as true love if such a mistake is never committed again. 9 However, that which is done wantonly, even if it is followed by an apology, such an apology 10 is vain and whatever words may be used to express love, will remain empty till restitution, 11 as a guarantee that the same wanton mistake is never to be committed again. 12 Whosoever does not restitute, the same has not repented of their mistake and denied justice to them that are victims; 13 and in so doing, ruined the foundation upon where peace, trust, true love and harmony might be built among men. 14 And if you receive a gift and celebrate gratefully unto the giver, knowing that the gift was stolen 15 or obtained unrighteously, such is unpardonable injustice and poison to love and harmony. 16 You will have committed collective transgression with one who stole. 17 But if your conscience is free of any thoughts concerning any gift you receive, 18 being innocent of knowledge concerning its origin, such is no sin and you may rejoice in your gift and bless the hand that gave. 19 But herein is justice perfected unto piety that you walk away from all gossip wherever and whenever it takes form. 20 Sternly rebuke oppression, repression, segregation and all manner of slandering and extravagance, 21 for all such is vile unto piety and therefore sin before the UTMOST.

Augur 5

1 For every wicked thing done, there is a just recompense. Though the recompense delay, yet come it will. 2 Herein are the caveats of salvation, unto all His progeny: a unique family who are the manifestation of His everlasting supreme glory; 4 by a parson of righteousness and truth according to the revelation he received in His will. This is the comfort of the righteous and the burden of the unrighteous. 5 Comfort for the righteous because the righteous endure evil at the hands of the unrighteous and look unto the UTMOST for rectitude which in due season, 6 He appoints unto them: and burden for the wicked because the wicked people, being wayward in their ways, can hardly atone and in that, 7 they are doomed: for by rejecting His counsel and entreating, they condemn themselves unto peril. 8 For when the scepter of the UTMOST shall judge, thrust and crush the demons, those wicked souls that connive with flesh unto wickedness, 9 all wicked people shall be devoured by the very wicked spirits they entertained with their lives on the day of days. Now, while I cogitated upon these sacred revelations, 10 behold; a fountain of His glory rose upon my soul and my eyes opened; and I augured pertaining to the future of both the wicked and the righteous. 11 Eventhough the UTMOST is the hill of patience, yet for the sake of righteousness, He has humbked Himself and appointed an oracle that trumpets the justification of judgment 12 and the salvation of all the righteous of all generations; and with it, a measure of mercy for the sinful to atone. With a hundred thousand years to unveil eternal bliss for them that would atone, 13 half of which are for His great verdict of condemnation or justification by truth and justice on all prophets 14 and miracle workers since the foundation of the world, the UTMOST has sealed the age of penance; a golden age in which all peoples 15 should turn from their evil ways or face judgment on the day of days which precede the eternal age of bliss, the diamond age which span yonder a hundred fold of the years of the golden age. 16 For in my hand, while I cogitate, He placed a scepter with which to purge wickedness from among the living and with it, I hewed every tall tree and leveled every exalted hill till all were flat. 17 And unto me said He gently, ‘I have given you the scepter for a word of rectitude unto the world of men and it must be preached to every inhabitant of the earth and by my ways unto all worlds, 18 for which reason I have lengthened the age of penance. From hill to hill, ocean to ocean; by sea, by road and by air, it shall reach every street, 19 shadow every home and pass through every doorstep till every heart, big or small; old or young, humble or arrogant knows it. Through the gates of the sepulchers shall it pass 20 and the dead shall hear from their sleeping places and atone never to haunt the living or hatch into demons again. The rich shall hunger and thirst with a hunger and thirst 21 which no riches can quench and only in the house of the poor shall they eat and drink satisfactorily till they share their riches for atonement 22 and turn a new righteous chapter in their lives wherein pride, vanity and wickedness exist not. And the poor men shall have an equal opportunity with all to showcase his talents; 23 and receive of the riches of a righteous man, a portion of help with which to sponsor his own talents to success and fruition: and together shall they live merrily thereafter. 24 Concerning this measure of mercy, both young and old shall sing and by cause of that, in my judgments upon all the unrepentant, 25 whether flesh or spirit, shall I be justified. They will compose psalms and hymns and play the violin, mbira and the flute 26 to celebrate this alm and balm I bequeath unto all men equally for their salvation. As for you, 27 forget ye not to record this thing in your time and your diadem will follow thee according to my command.’


Tempests 1

1 O ye peoples and nations of the world; dived amongst yourselves according to the will of the devil through cunning men, 2 whom he appointed and dispatched to conquer, divide and rule heartlessly while plundering your inheritance, 3 let me have a sacred word with you all that your liberty and joy in living and in life might be complete. 4 I would have loved to gather you all at once and proclaim this thing in your ears with my lips but unto that desire, my voice is yet limited: yet let me rejoice in the Soul of all; 5 the Supreme Spirit and Progenitor of all things in whom I am words and voice unto all ends of the earth and multiverse 6 in proclaiming this sacred power of true and equal salvation which I would have loved to speak to your hearing while you were all gathered together. 7 Whether you will like this writing and teaching or not, I will be blunt with you all and with all the powers that be 8 concerning this matter of par life and bequest in the Supreme Benefactor for which I am come to you in writing. To hate and reject or to like and accept all things I write 9 is of no consequence to me, for my mission is not to be liked or loved on the expense of truth and righteousness; 10 but to help all who will listen and believe, unto a perfect path for all in the UTMOST; the Progenitor who is the envision and fullness of all things. 11 Hearken ye all and know the truth that your freedom and life may be complete in Him who is the perpetuity and wholeness of everything. 12 Be ye not deceived by selfish cunning men among you as did those of yesterday, to think and believe that, 13 prior to the coming of their preachers or missionaries unto you or your past generations, there was no knowledge of God amongst your people 14 and you had no relationship with the UTMOST of all whatsoever. The UTMOST is Spirit and whatever lives, live by Him whose spirit is the life that manifest in all things. 15 Reject such belittlement and mockery upon yourselves with all strength because to live is by His supreme will and if you live by Him, 16 a relationship already exists between you and Him; and better still, He knows you without craving for your attention. 17 Yeah, reject such drivel for it is a scheme to achieve cultural hegemony; a violation of righteousness and truth which are the only true measures of perfect worship. 18 The Progenitor, who is the UTMOST of all, does not crave for attention and earthly rituals as worship in the same manner Gods of the world do, so much that 19 they condemned generations and generations unto termination for the desire to be worshiped. 20 Know ye today that, the knowledge of the true Divine and a sacred relationship with Him unto true salvation is not a fleshly thing 21 which you should leave to worldly ignorance and all its prejudiced assumptions and imperialistic agendas, woven by those 23 who desire to dominate the world by imposing their selfish religious schemes and their evil Gods upon everyone in the world. 24 Neither should this understanding and relationship unto salvation be left to the premises of secluded selfish traditions and histories, 25 whereupon a God that helped in the earthly political liberation of a certain people or tribe from bondage or suffering should be worshipped universally or whereby 26 a particular opinionated religious covenant for a certain people, sealed by a sacrifice whether of being or of animal with a God, should be observed universally. 27 The whole world is full of nations divided out of the devil’s religious and political system called ‘domination’, the root of slavery, imperialism, 28 oppression and suffering but not all these nations were liberated by the same God even today. 29 Prior to slavery and domination, peoples fought wars and oppressed each other, tribe against tribe according to the manipulations of the devil 30 but not by the same God were those that received freedom liberated. Each people had its own unique earthly God, gods and mores 31 which made up the history of its generations in the earth, which of course had been on the wash away through the devil’s lies and plans: 32 and the UTMOST knowing this wicked ploy, breathed forth this word to eradicate these plans and lies by creating a common mores good for all in Himself; 33 wherefore He unveiled a sacred multiversal realm where all men and creation voluntarily come and live together by righteousness and by truth in His name as divine angels. 34 Inspect into times past and observe how the same Gods and gods you are made to worship today, instrumented men’s present day suffering. 35 Before the conquerors conquered your peoples and your inheritance, they send in scouts disguised as messengers of good tidings and good will, 36 and though some repented of this wicked thing and served righteousness with time, the truth was never revealed and the damage was done already, for many generations perished, 37 under the holocaust and oppression of the systems they spearheaded. They preached peace but their Gods were architects of wars which perforate the multiverse even today. 38 They preached mercy but their Gods were so much ruthless that they swallowed innocent lives, including lives of babies and all creation in floods, wars, droughts, eruptions and raging fires. 39 They preached love and togetherness but themselves and their Gods were and are ruthless war mongers, racists and tribalists. 40 They preached pure worship but they walked in the way of bloody covenants which caused genocides and plundering wherever they went, even today. 41 Yeah, even today, they preach harmony and all the other virtues, but they are at the front of racism, hate, and all the destabilising of the world 42 to promote their evil religious and political systems which pity one people against another, according to the divide and rule system 43 which the devil designed for his empire and appointed them; whereupon they kill, maim, plunder and deceive in the name of good. 44 Know this truth today and embrace your freedom in the UTMOST of all; and begin today, 45 to work out your own salvation without suffering the imprisoning and blindfolding manipulations of the devil and his systems in the world. 46 Men is born free everywhere in the world, according to the will of the UTMOST but not destined to be oppressed or to be controlled by anyone 47 and not to worship any God except Him who is the UTMOST of all had he desired worshi, not by the attention and allegiance craving characteristic of the world Gods 48 but by walking in unfailing truth and abiding righteousness. If there is one among you or if one comes to you preaching names of lords, 49 masters, teachers, shepherds and Gods more than harmony, truth and righteousness, know that the same knows not the true Supreme Divine who is the UTMOST of all but is the devil’s cohort, 50 send to promote his system and expand his empire by preaching prejudiced teachings which promotes spiritual imperialism 51 and slavery for the salvation of a few on the expense of many. Yeah, unless you know the lies for what they are, chains of bondage and thorns of death, 52 you will never ever know the truth and the liberty it bestows upon life: 53 for truth is the light that clears away the evil of lies and the power that destroy the thorns of death through righteousness. 54 Without having fallen first, all rising is meaningless nomatter how great, 55 for it is in falling that you discover the true power that lifts enduringly; 56 the glory of Him who is biding us to an equal endless glory every day. Faith is great virtue, but if not born of trials and tempests, 57 it is no real faith at all which can endure; for true faith is the power of the UTMOST of all, 58 called upon to life and unveiled in the wake of tempests, 59 then plied into acts of courage righteousness to overcome adversity, failure and to conquer death. 60 What then shall I say O UTMOST, concerning the tempests that stands before them that shall heed unto thee? 61 for now, all the outcasts; a people once without real hope of salvation, steadfast faith and an abiding inheritance in light are finally bid by thee to glory; 62 the Most Kind and the Most Righteous of all: what shall I exhort them in, than to listen 63 and discern the gift of life that lies within these tempests; and what shall I do than to spread thine glory upon the scroll 64 and present it before the threshold of their hearts; for unless they heed with their hearts, and perceive with the eyes of their minds, 65 they cannot be firm in their deliverance but will waver and perish? What shall I say to those of hearing, 66 than to speak the word of truth only that brings light to life according as you impart? For before thine beloved lies great tempests; 67 trials that shutter the soul and impair all hearing and all seeing. Here is defeat in death; and there is victory in life; 68 but how is victory in life their gift and their blessing and not death? For the darkness is thicker and long; 69 and the howling and thudding of the night, deafening and blinding. The days too, are longer and the skies cloudless, how long will the people endure 70 on the tiny morsel of bread in their bossom, seeing that the fields are barren and the granaries empty? And with the streams, 71 the lakes and the rivers poisoned withcorruption, with what shall they quench their thirst; for all good wells are running out fast by the day.72 If it were a thing easy to do, I would beseech victory in life to come to their threshold before death arrives; 73 yet even though more scary than all, death is the doorway to true rest and everlasting victory in life. 74 For even me, if I evade death, then I am doomed; therefore, I will walk through its shadows 75 lurking in the hills and the valleys as they shall do unto all; and though I fall a thousand times, 76 I shall stand up a thousand fold times, till I meet thee at the end of death’s horizon. 77 For though death thinks of itself as the ultimate finish of everything, 78 I am glad now that beyond its veil of darkness live thee O UTMOST of all; 79 the truth and the righteousness; the light and the life that is infinite liberty in and for everyone 80 and for all things forevermore.

Tempests 2

1 What greater misery can I compare to living with a contrite heart? 2 Those who walk in wickedness and are its brood, 3 find pleasure and liberty in the fruits of lies and deceit. 4 In the blood of the innocent and in the toil of the weak and defenseless, 5 they find profit by day and respite by night; and when they go out to their meeting places, 6 they speak impeccably, of piety and act as though they are the more pious of all. 7 My heart has known enough grief concerning these hypocrites O my soul: 8 the sorrows of the innocent, the righteous and the defenseless multiplies by night and by day but no one helps. 9 For this cause, I too, am in sorrow: and the turbulence of my sorrows, 10 caused by the broken walls of justice and the poisoned well of truth are great. 11 O my voice, cry ye unto the Most Righteous of all; 12 cry ye unto the UTMOST and cease not, till His arm of kindness 13 is stretched with fullness of mercy and deliverance unto all horizons. 14 Cry thee and cease not, till true light and true liberty are come 15 as the equal benediction and inheritance of all in all. Cry thee o my soul and cease not, 16 for the walls of salvation are raised as a hedge, to keep out the common men and women and all their children; 17 and the gates thereof manned to discriminate them of different tongue, tribe, nation, creed and kin. 18 The numbers of the qualified are written bold upon the walls of their famous scrolls; 19 and so are the names of the judges and the lords, but none of them represent the common ones in their meekness 20 and those of different tongue, colour, kin and tribe in their oceans and seas. 21 Instead, they are made to swear oaths and allegiances to Gods who despise them; 22 Gods who maimed and killed their fathers and their mothers and still massacre 23 their own sons and daughters in the name of good, when all they truly seek is plundering and domination; 24 O my soul, cry ye for the hope of the oceans and the seas is defiled by the cunning of heaven and earth. 25 They are deceived day and night; to sing songs and compose works to Gods who lead the armies 26 that plunder their own inheritances and doom their own lives in the name of good when in truth, 27 they are beasts preying on the ignorant and the weak, the defenseless and the voiceless. Though their eyes be open, 28 they cannot recognize these preying beasts as they are, for as sheep’s shepherds do they cloth by day; 29 and by night prey as wolves and ravenous hyenas prey: 30 yeah, they are deadly beasts, to whose howling and mocking night laughter these people are deaf even though they have ears to hear.

Tempests 3

1 Cry ye my soul and cease not; for the gift of salvation is made a privilege of the few 2 and of them who are of noble birth by cunning men and conniving Gods. 3 Cry ye more, for in thine voice is the hope of all the common peoples, 4 of all the nations and all the worlds; folks whose story is not told well and not rectified with remorse. 5 Darkness is thicker and frightening upon them so much they are ready to give in, 6 but if they will hear thine voice, their hope will be arisen for darkness will let them free. 7 Cry yet and cease not, for in thine tears is their shinning light of liberty. 8 They are slaves to Gods who despise equality and truth and shun liberty for all. 9 They know not the truth of their origin; for they take the story of others concerning all things, as the whole truth; 10 howbeit this story is told by conniving Gods and by cunning men who despise truth, 11 and butcher equality by all means possible for the sake of gain and domination; 12 and now they do it for the fear of reprisal, for the watch is witnessing against them.

Tempests 4

1 Cry ye o my soul and make known, the one and only interminable and true equal salvation of all; 2 the one and only UTMOST of all in whom all the boundaries and barriers fade into nothingness. 3 Yeah, declare and make known the equal gift of light and life in Him which is the inheritance of all. 4 Thou know of the ways of all the Gods; how they tussle for the greater spoil and the greater reverence by men; 5 how they deceive generations after generations with doctrines of justified discrimination, 6 and justified hate, and justified wars, violence, and manipulations. 7 Thou know also how each of them, through their envoys, claim supremacy as the greater of all; yet the truth of their works and ways prove otherwise: 8 for truth and righteousness do they abandon in favour of prejudice and gain by treachery and lies. 9 Generations have perished o my soul; and many more are still perishing in wars fought in their names: 10 endless sacrifices committed to their names too, but still, these Gods have shunned the innocent and the defenseless, treating the common as mere slaves. 11 Therefore, cry ye o my soul and cease not, till the heavens speak: 12 hold not thine tears for they are balm, unto generations that will judge and condemn these cunning Gods and all their angels; 13 according to the highest instruction and highest ordinance of all life and infinity which is truth and righteousness, 14 for in them peace, love, mercy, harmony, kindness and liberty rejoice forevermore.

Tempests 5

1 Cry ye and cease not, for in thine cry will the moon, the sun, the stars and all the other worlds know, 2 of how the captains and the judges condemn and murder the innocent in their courts, 3 and in their dungeons, but acquit the guilty for pockets of silver and gold: 4 how the will of the oceans is tramped upon by those who are rogue for the sake of power. 5 Yes, though it be written and declared boldly that the common man is equal to all and have right and liberty to all things, 6 in truth, the common man is common unto all things; even unto the Gods, having no right and liberty; 7 and not equal to the rogue hawks at all, but are slaves to these power and gain hungry insatiable beasts. 8 Cry ye and restrain not the rivers of thine eyes until a worthy ear hears you, 9 and a caring hand stretches to a just and righteous cause; for the governors of the worlds, 10 and the captains upon the thrones have failed the righteous cause of everlasting and equal salvation for all.

Tempests 6

1 The Gods have failed o my soul; what they bother about is gain and domination; 2 and for that end, they pity humans against humans every day and every night through violence and brutal wars. 3 They widen the measure of poverty, suffering, want, infirmity and sickness through endless disasters; 4 and the powers they bestow upon the wicked, who go unto men as shepherds and ministers of salvation while in truth, 5 they are slave masters and preying beasts building thrones and kingdoms 6 for golden lions and silver wolves with the blood of the innocent and the defenseless. 7 The priests and the prophets, them who are supposed to lead in the path of rectitude and truth, have gone rogue too. 8 They take sides with murderers and oppressors for the sake of gaining things. 9 They use the name of light, darkness and life in vain, for with truth and with righteousness do they bait gold and silver; 10 and frankeinsence, and iron, and all the things they crave for from the treasuries of the common men. 11 Instead of working works of righteousness and prophesying things that save nations and generations, 12 they have turned all their weight to individuals who can offer gifts; 13 howbeit that only those with gifts of silver and gold to offer them are the ones who receive blessings.

Tempests 7

1 Heed and be of valor o my soul, these are the tempests of thine path and of them that are righteous: 2 these are the thorns that you have to walk through; 3 that thou should be voice of truth and voice of liberty, to all the pilgrims of the earth 4 and all the slaves of every manner of lie and cunning known. 5 Be thou anxious not of the wicked prophets, who are gone rogue and are the countenance of malevolent Gods; 6 and be thou anxious not, of the captains and the judges of the world, 7 who abandon their trust and tramp on the will of the peoples for the sake of gain and power. 8 Cry ye, what worthy ear is there in the heavens or in any place to hear me plea the plight of the peoples 9 than thee O UTMOST of all; the infinite envision of all in all? 10 What worthy power can rectify these causes, for all the Gods have failed? 11 Thou have searched and tested their ways by depth and by height and by width and by length; 12 with the doctrine they teach as thine scale and thine testing meter, and right before their threshold, thou found hypocrisy. 13 Though they preach peace and love, they despise it; and though they declare justice and harmony, 14 in their shrines and in their high places, they loathe it more than they say it: 15 and though they send a thousand envoys and numerous prophets, priests, ministers and evangelists, 16 to preach equality and to declare liberty for all, to promise a kingdom for all and an inheritance for all, 17 in truth, they despise it all and tirelessly sabotage it; evidence of which 18 is written all over the world after their names and upon the faces of the mourning and the bereaved. 19 Here, the lot of the few and there, the little of the many; there the misery of the many and there the pleasures of the few. 20 Here the crypts and the chains of the innocent and the slaves of deception, 21 and there the liberty of the corrupt murderers, thieves and the slave masters.

Tempests 8

1 O my heart, follow in their scrolls and their books, and see whose Gods are they: 2 and o ye men of understanding, art thou not ashamed in thine awareness of this? 3 When a river is made flooded before thine children, 4 by those with ships with which to cross, what do you think in thine fibers of piety? 5 When mountains are raised before thine generations, 6 by those that can fly and ride upon chariots and horse backs, what do thine hearts command thee? 7 Art thou not ashamed of yourselves, pledging allegiance to such gross wickedness and crudeness? 8 And o ye sons and daughters of the slave masters, judges and captains of the evil Gods, ye that are born privileged in wickedness; 9 are thine hearts so hard thou cannot realize thou are feasting on the blood of the weak, 10 and the innocent whom thine fathers and thine forefathers murdered and sacrificed in broad daylight out of greed? 11 Can’t thou feel the plight of these people whom thou torture and despise 12 while drinking their blood and feast upon their toil and inheritance which your generations plundered? 13 Aren’t thou ashamed of thine cunning Gods who maim, deceive, kill, rape, colonize and plunder in the name of good? 14 Where is their love and their goodness with all this suffering in the world? 15 But are you, their offspring and their chosen, suffering? 16 If thou will rectify this thing not in time, then enjoy it while it lasts; 17 for mine cry shall not be in vain and the cause of the oceans shall not go unheard and unattended to. 18 I know of a day upon which retribution shall hail from the mighty hand from above. 19 In that day, truth and righteousness shall remind you of your trespasses as thine Gods 20 receive judgment and condemnation from them whom they enslave in lies, deceit and death today.

Tempests 9

1 Spare not the gatekeepers o my soul and o ye judges of righteousness; spare ye not the gatekeepers of the heavenly places, 2 for they are evil’s advocates who serve tradition instead of truth and righteousness. 3 Yeah, they deny justice to the innocent and benefactions to the poor and needy. 4 Judge them in the hearing of all hosts, for they delight in sacrifices of blood and flesh 5 more than in the complete liberty and equality of all in salvation by truth and by righteousness. 6 Denounce them by day and denounce them by night in their shrines and in their high places, 7 for they despise oneness of mankind, and foil all efforts to building lasting peace, love and harmony in the earth. 8 Though they torment my body with pain of thorns, disease, hunger and thirsty because thou denounce them for their conniving and for their prejudice, 9 yet I will not stop, for my flesh is nothing of worth if it falters on a righteous cause. 10 Thou art its command, the light and life that surpasses death; and the eye of its path. 11 Therefore, cry ye, for there is no benefaction greater to hope for in allying with traitors of mankind 12 and of heaven than fighting for its equal and complete salvation.

Tempests 10

1 But though for all days my cries go unheard and unanswered, yet I will relent not; 2 for I know of the sacred opportune window of mercy, open for all righteous petitions on the first hour by day and by night, 3 which the righteous and faithful can invoke any hour any time. 4 Yeah, with fasting and prayer, by day and by night, I shall petition all the righteous causes upon the sacred hours and the sacred times, 5 and so shall all the righteous do and be heard unto enduring victory in all things as though it is on His sacred day. 6 I will keep in remembrance, all the sacred hours and on them, I shall stand and petition every righteous cause, 7 in all weeks and months, and in all seasons and years, unto the one who is Most Kind and Most Righteous; 8 the UTMOST of all, whose name is written upon the holy clouds of Monday; 9 the day of His everlasting holiness and grace, and is the redeemer of all equally. 10 Him, who is my soul, shall consider every righteous petition from the meek and the just, for He is true and just forever. 11 And now, that it might be well with peoples of all nations of the earth; including those of thine generations o ye that have believed, 12 and all generations after them, pertaining unto life and light, may this glory of the UTMOST of all, 13 bless thine lives exceedingly in all thine days that thou might be a flame of salvation 14 upon all who fellowship with thee everywhere in righteousness and truth, and in all things.


Treatise 1

1 “Why do people gather in vain; why do they sing futile praises? 2 For though they gather, they gather not; and though they sing and praise, they sing and praise not. 3 Their hearts are with absent thoughts from all truth and their malevolence overshadows their songs and praises. 4 For what cause then shall I condone praise and gathering if it is not done in faithfulness to righteousness; 5 the complete willingness to part with transgression in their hearts and all the wickedness in their midst which they commit with reckless abandon. 6 Though I prompt thee to speak unto them, word upon word, but whose heart is with hearing? 7 Nevertheless, write ye unto them o seal of seals, line upon line and instruction upon instruction less they perish in unawareness; 8 entreat them with all thine meekness; but will they not forbear like they of old, for they are raised in corruption? 9 Come unto them and lay this treatise bare before their eyes. 10 Declare this in their hearing; by Pristine the holy dominion, I will not be forgetful of their verdict, 11 concerning all the inequities in their midst, which they committed with their lives without restrain. 12 I will reject them and abhor all their sacrifices for they are an impenitent people. 13 I will consider all their sacrifices, abomination and all their gatherings, folly; 14 for they have no love for justice in their thoughts and no regard for truth in their hearts. 15 Yet for the meek and them that love righteousness am I appointing aamra; that they might enter my bliss eternally.”

Treatise 2

“1 As for you o beloved, I wrought thee with proficiency for my shrine and for mine dominion; 2 and by cause of thine crying, I will have compassion for the earth. 3 You have I chosen for a trumpet of my glory and a threshing mullet of mine scepter. 4 Heed ye then, and I will say a thing unto the nations in thine hearing and by thee. 5 Look ye and account; for I give all the nations of the earth, a sacred mirror of life and light; 6 and observe how the children of abomination shall tramp upon it. 7 Yet though they will tramp upon it, still, lay it bare before everyone to see. 8 Strike ye this stroke of mine word, first unto Etna and unto Venice, and all her brothers and sisters thereof 9 who gather with her, regarding this thing I have against them. 10 Is it not in thine midst that the cohorts of discrimination and all corruption resides; 11 for discrimination and corruption are the root of all bloodshed and plundering? 12 Are thine thrones not built upon treachery and plundering? 13 Remember ye not how thou went out in the manner of all the wicked before thee, conquering and conquering, 14 plundering and plundering all the inheritance of thine weak brothers and sisters? 15 Why then will thou be prejudiced today against them whom thou robbed? 16 Is it the fear of reprisal, or is it a pelt to hide thine shame? 17 Though thou have stretched thine arms to the cause of peace and justice, 18 and have grown much fairer in that path thereof, thine efforts still fall short far, 19 in scales to thine errors which thou committed together with thine wicked brothers and sisters. 20 And if thou will not truly repent of all the distasteful things in thy midst, 21 which thou cause the nations to partake in for a selfish desire, 22 I will cause thine mistakes to consume thee, and all thine unrepentant children will I give unto the Judges and Lords: 23 except for them that will convert unto righteousness by abiding in my just ordinances and by my righteous instructions; 24 and upon them will I bestow a glory like no other, the lot which is the inheritance of all the divine angels. 25 I, the UTMOST of all have spoken and mine word, 26 have I tether with a seal no man or God can neither rescind nor raze.”

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